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Minuteman Monument
Minuteman Monument

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The names of our honored patriot ancestors are listed here along with their spouse (if known) and the states from which they served. Each Daughter of the Fort Vasquez Chapter, NSDAR has proved her lineage from one or more of these men of the American Revolution.

If one of these patriots is your ancestor, you may be eligible to apply for DAR membership. If your ancestor isn't on the list below, but you have information that he or she served in the American Revolution, we may be able to help you establish your genealogical line for DAR membership. If you are interested in establishing your line and joining our Chapter, please email our Chapter Registrar.

Eagle Bullet BREED, Joseph PA
Eagle Bullet DURLAND, Charles (Jane Swartout) NY
Eagle Bullet ENGLISH, James Robinson (Alice Conover) NJ
Eagle Bullet GILLHAM, Ezekiel (Sarah Clements) SC
Eagle Bullet GILLHAM, Thomas (Mary Meade) SC
Eagle Bullet HARVEY, Mathias (Eleanor Burgess) PA
Eagle Bullet HUNTOON, Benjamin (Mercy Quimby) NH
Eagle Bullet KEMMER, Nicholas (Sara Fehler) PA
Eagle Bullet LATTA, John Samuel (Margaret Potter) PA
Eagle Bullet LITTLE, Nathaniel NH
Eagle Bullet MATLOCK, Timothy PA
Eagle Bullet MCDONALD, Peter VA
Eagle Bullet PENN, Anthony VA
Eagle Bullet PHELPS, Gabriel (Sara Calloway) VA
Eagle Bullet ROLLINS Jr., Eliphalet (Elizebeth Bean) NH
Eagle Bullet ROLLINS Sr., Eliphalet (Abigail Glidden) NH
Eagle Bullet SHAFFER, Frederick PA
Eagle Bullet SMITH, Robert NY
Eagle Bullet STONEBRAKER, Adam PA
Eagle Bullet VanVECHTEN, Teunis Teunissen (Elizebeth DeWandelaer) NY
Eagle Bullet UPTON, Jacob (Mary Clark) MA
Eagle Bullet WELLS, wILLIAM PA
Eagle Bullet WILCUTT, Zebulon MA
Eagle Bullet WHITESIDE, Phineas (Ann Cooper) NY


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